AFF - The Abstract Finance Framework


The QFF library is organized in several layers. AFF is the uppermost, i.e. the most abstract layer of the framework. It consists of interfaces and enumerations that describe the functionality of mathematical and financial objects in a general and intuitive way. In the ideal case the user is able to deduce the functionality of an object solely from its methods' names.

The idea to organize various layers of a project in several independent distributions has been consequently realized by a research team at the Standford Linear Accelerator Center in the FreeHEP project. Their AIDA (abstract layer) / JAIDA (Java implementation layer) combination has deeply inspired us and their philosophy has strongly influenced our work.


AFF is still under development. One consequence of the current state is that the library does not have a property an interface library generally should have: You cannot rely on the functionality. You even cannot rely on the existence of a certain method in future versions. Thus, there is no other conclusion: DO NOT USE THIS LIBRARY IN ITS CURRENT STATE.